Sisterhood is often associated with being blood-related to, having had years of friendship and or sometimes a strong bond is built within months yet the connection still identifies with “sisterhood”.

Although all of those things just mentioned are great, what if I told you sisterhood was not a choice but something us women were born into? The moment we breathed life, we were born into a sisterhood with every woman in our hood? That regardless if you have ever seen or said two words to “her” she is your sister.

The woman you pass in the hallway at work every day that you have no regard for. Yes, she is your sister. The woman who is standing in the grocery line in front of you with the screaming baby who is probably working your nerves…Yep, that’s your sister. Or the woman you have never met before but you converse and even like her husband/man..yeah she is your sister.

If we saw one another as sisters and not strangers I wonder how the way we treat one another would differ? What If the same regard you have for your close friends you would have for women period? You probably would then know the woman at work name and actually speak when you saw her vs ignore her existence. The woman in line with the screaming baby would probably be offered help by you rather it be to assist with the baby or checking out but you wouldn’t be annoyed. The married man wouldn’t even exist as a love interest because you would have shut that down the moment you realized there was another woman because she is your sister.

Ladies, I see us bash one another day in and day out. We really need one another. Yes, there will be women you click with and some you don’t but I challenge you to dig deeper as to why it is you don’t click with whomever because the problem might just be you vs them. Sisterhood is shared amongst every woman you see. Don’t be a stranger but love the next woman you encounter. She like you probably have had a rough day and just waiting for someone to acknowledge her presence, offer help or simply respect her.

You are not alone!

You belong!

You are WOMAN!


(Say this prayer out loud)

God, I thank you for the love of yours that you freely give me. I ask for forgiveness for not seeing every woman as your daughter and just as valuable as myself. I know that it wasn’t just for me whom you died for Jesus but everyone including every woman on this earth. Fill me with your love so that I can freely love the women around me. Open my eyes to see past my own insecurities and self-focused thoughts so that I don’t miss an opportunity to experience sisterhood with the next woman. Reveal to me what sisterhood truly looks like, In Jesus name, I pray, AMEN!

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