Repeat or New Victory?

I always would say “God please let me learn everything I am supposed to learn in this season so I will not have to walk through it again”. In fact, I think a lot of us say this during challenging seasons in life. Though it sounds good and made logical sense, I’m going to challenge you to change your perspective and position in relation to those difficult seasons.

I was reading 1 Kings like two weeks ago and received revelation about it just today. The story where Adonijah, son of Haggith exalted himself as King without Davids blessing. What spoke to me the most was Bathsheba faith and trust in God at this moment. If we rewind a bit and go back to how David & Bathsheba even became a thing, we know that David had her husband killed after laying with her and she became pregnant with Davids son but the lord did not allow the baby to be born because of the sin pretty much. So knowing that and how difficult it must have been for Bathsheba to trust the lord in his decision to allow her son to die had to have been hard. I can only imagine that like David, she pleaded with God, fasted & prayed that he would be gracious and allow this son to live. He didn’t. In return they were blessed with another son, Solomon. Solomon was to reign after his father David but now in 1 Kings, Adonijah had made himself King and assuredly this meant bad news for Solomon & Bathsheba. Bathsheba knew Adonijah was up to no good and as soon as David was laid to rest they would be counted as offenders like she said (1 Kings 1:22).

Stop. Lets Talk.

While reading this I began to think of how Bathsheba had to seriously trust God in this moment. She lost her first son between her and David (yes due to her own poor choices) but God gives her Solomon and here it is again, she is in a life & death situation regarding her life as well as her son. Different situations yes but both situations I’m sure produced similar thought processes. Surely she could have doubted and even gotten upset or frustrated with God? Im sure her mind probably went back to her first son that God allowed to die and she could have questioned would God allow this son to be killed as well??

Rather or not she struggled with doubt in her mind I guess we will never know but we do know that when Nathan gave her instructions on how to approach the situation she didn’t hesitate but she immediately did what he asked her. That is Faith. That is Trust. That speaks. In return, Bathsheba and Solomon lived and Solomon became King.

I wonder did God allow her trust and faith to be tested by allowing her to walk down a similar path? What if we repeat similar seasons so the bad experience can now be replaced with a victory? So that hurtful or painful season can no longer be used against you because you now have victory to replace the darkness with? What if we count our selves out in fear becasue we see similarities and we told ourselves we would never allow ourselves to go down that road again but what if there is light at the end of this tunnel in hopes of erasing the darkness that was found in a similar tunnel?All it requires is a little bit of trust? What if the repeat was just to restore what the enemy took?

The mountain is only as big as you think it is.

I’m sure the lies the enemy was feeding Bathsheba was real! She pushed through though and came out victorious.

Call to Action:

We all go through seasons. Some good and some not so good. To began to relive a tough ones I know is scary. (I’m doing so currently) remember it is not the same season. The enemy wants you to compare and relent but you have already defeated him. Know where and whom your help comes from. Take every thought captive, remain humble and pray your way through it in faith! God has you as always and what he allows is always in your best interest. Dont sweat it but simply trust him. There are no loses in the Kingdom. Only blessings and lessons! #Gain #Winning #Victory


Papa I will never fully understand why you love me the way that you do but your relentless love is what truly sustains me and keep me going when the noises/voices around me are telling me to give in, quit or stop. Thank you papa for loving me even when I don’t always show you love in return by lacking trust in who exactly you are. Forgive me for not believing in those dark seasons that YOU ARE STILL LORD. Show me God how to rest on your promises and find joy as well as strength in you and you alone. Teach me what it looks like to trust you even when everything around me says not to!I need more Holy Spirit. Fill me up God. I ask for more faith to believe in the words I am even praying now. That these are not just words touching the ceiling but that you hear me and will keep me and has already freely given me everything I need to live a life pleasing to you. Help me be bold and courageous, Teach me your ways lord. In Jesus name I pray amen!


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  1. This speak volumes to me right now! I’m walking in a season of hurt after just having a season of joy. God reminds me that this walk is a journey and that he is with me every step. I’ll just have to trust him!

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    1. 🙂 Trusting him is key! Also, Your joy can be in every season. Your joy can pour over into this season, redefining the “season of hurt” to be still..a season of joy. I challenge you to listen closer to his voice. Joy is actually apart of the trusting him process! Our joy comes from our trust in the one who never fails or leaves us no matter the season. Love you!


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