It was about 3 days after her 4th birthday party that she would have a life changing experience that she probably will never forget.

Eden tossed and turned throughout the night into the early morning ,burning up with a high fever. I don’t remember the actual temperature but I remember feeling the heat from my baby’s body and the helpless facial expression of despair she carried on her face as she laid in my arms.As I began to walk to my bedroom, I immediately noticed the puzzled yet startled look on her face as if there were something behind me. Literally the look a kid would make as if they had seen a ghost. I, out of curiosity, turned around to look to see what it was that she was looking at. I didn’t see anything but I asked her if she did. She immediately responds with a “Yes”.I asked her what did she see? She goes to tell me how she had seen a ghost that had make-up or different colors on his/her face and it was following her.


In this moment I could have dismissed it and told her nothing was there but its something about the fear I seen in her eyes in that moment that reassured me that she very much so was seeing something and it was indeed freaking her out.


I spoke truth over her in that moment. I told her to speak the name of Jesus every time she saw it and to rebuke it in Jesus name. She began to say it and told me it went away.As we drove to the ER after dropping off her siblings, I heard her cry mommy in the backseat and I turned around only to see her covering her eyes saying” I don’t want to look mommy its scary”. As the tears rolled down her cheek, I seriously did not know what to do in this moment but call on the name. It was a painful moment for me knowing in this moment I couldn’t “protect” her or keep her eyes from seeing but I had to trust in the one who I claimed who could and the one that I knew could protect her. I never spoke a word about this to the doctor because I knew it was a spiritual attack and no one was going to try to convince me otherwise or say that my baby didn’t see what she saw. If you could see the look on her face in those moments you would believe too!


I’m sharing this because there is no Jr Holy Spirit. God anoints, blesses and calls our children at young ages and give them the ability to see, hear, touch & feel things just as much as he would an Adult. In fact our babies are more prone to actually taking heed and listening because they are still so innocent in their faith & their trust is incredible because the world hasn’t yet tainted it with junk unlike us “know it all” grown ups. My baby tells me that God talks to her and tells her things, In fact she has spoken things over me and to me that she had no prior knowledge to other than God spoke it and she repeated it. I’m sharing this because we need to start speaking life over our children and placing them in environments where they can began to walk in their callings as babes. We don’t have to wait until they are 18 and “can understand” trust me they already do!

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14)

And said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)

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  1. Actually, I had a similar experience with my daughter when she was about three. And whether it’s hallucinations or whatever, we should pray and ask for protection from the Holy Spirit. God bless and thanks for following my blog.


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