Seeing with your ears

So God has a very interesting way of speaking to me.

I mean….he is God so he can do that right? HA!


He gives me dreams and visions like crazy. Seriously to the point where he reveals things to me about people and it makes things awkward because they don’t know that he did obviously, but I’ve learned to embrace it. It shows that he trusts me to do what is needed to be done with the information that he imparts to me and what exactly he may ask of me in each scenario may vary. Either way I pray for clarity and ask him each time how exactly he wants me to proceed but often he is just asking me to simply intercede for the person.


I have heard an actual audible voice speak to me a few times as well. It was very um….indescribable. Like I just paused….and acknowledge it was him and listened.


He speaks to me in my mind which this is the hardest to explain because its like I will have a thought come out of nowhere as I’m thinking and I recognize that it wasn’t my own thought and I have to of course decipher rather or not it was truth coming from papa or a lie coming from the enemy. When he speaks its very direct yet full of grace and a sense of peace that always comes over me. Like the peace comes every time to the point where I know that I know it was God. Even when I’m unsure he confirms that it was him in different ways.


He also speaks to me through seemingly the most randomness situations. My mind always goes to, okay God, what are you trying to tell me?


This past weekend I lost my car keys not once, not twice but three times all in the same 24 hr day spand. Smh. Each time the keys were literally in my purse. Each time I was becoming upset, irritated, annoyed at myself and just really panicking because I usually place them in the exact same spot to ensure I do not misplace them. After the 3rd time as I’m looking for them yet again, a quick thought came and went that they were in my purse. I ignored it at first because at this point surely I didn’t leave them in my purse yet again but nope I did. I eventually found them in purse. I immediately stopped……walked to my car…and asked “Okay God, what are you trying to tell me?”

He said “You are working yourself up looking for something you think you lost but you already have it”. I started crying because I already knew exactly what he was talking about.


Sometimes it’s in the little things. God is ALWAYS speaking to us. The more time we spend with him and the more of us we give him access to, allows him to use the simplest things to bring clarity and revelation! I ask him always to help me listen and see with his eyes. I fear missing it. I don’t want to miss the mark or miss him speaking to me in any area. Seeing starts with listening. We can see all day and miss it because we are not listening. I cant see all that God wants to do if I’m not listening to his voice. Our eyes can deceive us at times but his voice never will!


Are you listening to him?

Are you spending enough time with him to even know his voice?

Don’t overthink it!

John 10:27 “My Sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

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