What Would Jesus Do

I’m so thankful we have Jesus as the ultimate model to look to when things get a bit shaky in our everyday lives. If man were our only model or representation as to what we mimic in our times of hardship and times of happiness we’d be doomed. Man Repeatedly gets it wrong over , and over, and over in scripture yet God sill considers man, calls man, chooses man, blesses man and of course loves man.( Psalm 8:4-6)

I believe this will forever be a mystery and continue to go over our heads as to why God loves us the way he does. Gods love for us goes against every self protected, self glorified, or self driven love this world tries to convince us daily that we should pursue. Of course, God demonstrates love in the most incomparable way by sending Jesus to be the sacrificial lamb without blemish for our sins. (John 3:16 , John 1:29 & 1 Peter 1:18-19)

We all struggle with pride. It is the ugliest sin (in my opinion). In all sin you are bound to find pride (self) somewhere in the root that aided tremendously in the fulfillment of the actual sin. Jesus was the complete opposite. He embraced humility so gracefully because his mindset or determination or call wasn’t about him (self) but us. Ultimately he was filled and led by the Holy Spirit which will supersede and overpower self when the heart is willing. Jesus was willing.

To live a life with the constant reminder of “What would Jesus do?”, would be a life full of humility, grace, love, purpose & Holy Spirit.

Humility: You wouldn’t have to “defend yourself”when offense or disrespect was taken because that’s what God promises us he will do and be! He is our defender. You could hold a conversation when differences are being discussed and it not lead to a heated argument or a fight.

Grace: You would see past your feeling and emotions and be able to forgive and graciously interact with others who may not always get it right. You would know that you aren’t perfect and that it is only by the grace of God that you are here and that same grace was not just given to you only but every person freely. Yes the person that gets on your nerves the most! Haha!

Love: You would know God and the intensity of his love for you to the point where you’d have no choice but to give it away to others. Love is…..(1 Corinthians 13:4-5)

Purpose: You would know who you are and why you are here. In every season you would persevere because you know your purpose isn’t about you but how God wants to use you for the betterment of others. Helping others would be your drive which leaves no room to glorify self.

Holy Spirit: You would have a helper in the Holy Spirit who will speak to you and guide you every step of the way if you would take heed, be still enough to listen and submit.

So before you speak or act on emotions…stop..breathe..think..What would Jesus do?


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