Moving Forward In A Backwards World

Ever feel like you are running the 100 meter dash but only the track officials didn’t get the memo that the wind is blowing in the opposite direction in which you were currently faced to run against? Of course you have. We all have or at some point in our lives will conclude that living a just and set apart life is not at all easy and in fact everything the world around us throws at us is the exact opposite of how we truly should live.

The biggest concern I have with this generation of people is we are some prideful and so full of ourselves to the point where we will literally tear another down with our words yet justify it by saying we were “just telling the truth” or “keeping it real”. Watch the things you allow to be spoken over you! Someone else’s feelings or opinions about you no matter how “logical” or “true” they may sound does not define or dictate who you are. Never agree with anything less than what our Papa has called you to be. I don’t care what you have done good or bad, you are not defined by the things you do or don’t do. Sadly the enemy will use people to speak the same lie he has been trying to speak over you in order to make you finally give in and believe it! That’s why we should be quick to listen and slow to speak because everything we speak holds weight and its either life or death. I’m learning to speak truth always even if I made a true statement about a person but again, what’s true does not mean it is truth!

The easiest way to end up going backwards is by simply looking back! A lot of time God will confirm and approve the very things we begin to question when the road gets rocky because surely this isn’t what God had in mind or surely Gods plan for me wouldn’t be this hard right? Well my friend think again. Yes God wants the absolute best for us but a lot of times you are faced with hardship not to destroy you but to build character. Often times we run from the very situations God allowed in order for him to reveal things in us that still needs to die or things he is still wanting us to claim and walk in. When did any of the chosen and or called people in the Bible have it easy? It’s when you are at the end of your road that God wants to step in and lead, but you have to be willing to get behind him. Not turn around and go backwards because you thought you missed a turn, no go forward, keep pushing but only this time use the navigation system God has given us!(Holy Spirit) Our God specializes in using the most jacked up situations to turn them into the most precious but YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO ALLOW HIM TO! DON’T GO BACKWARDS!

Finding Joy is so key! There is always good to be found in EVERY situation. Yes I said every situation. That may be a hard pill to swallow but…well…… its true. I try to focus on the positive not the negative. So if you got negative people around you….yeeeaaaah…probably want to throw them away. Lol If you aren’t at a place where you can be the light for them trust me they will begin to be the light for you, only their light is very dim and not really light at all but darkness. Breathe. Cry when you have to because there is so much healing when we humble ourselves and let the tears fall. God is so close to the broken-hearted. Remember that! Find strength in Joy!

Again, I can’t stress how important it is to speak life not death over yourself! The enemy only knows what you tell him! He is as smart as you think he is. Your situation is a big as you think it is. Besides, the enemy ain’t to smart he was thrown out of heaven! Lol He was the highest of all angels yet was not satisfied and desired to be GOD. Like what an idiot huh? Lol Look..he is already defeated meaning he is as powerful as we make him! God has given us power, authority and dominion over him and all his little baby army fallen angels. Know your role! Speak from the position of authority that God has given you! Speak scripture(truth) over you and the people around you and watch your atmosphere change!

5. RUN
Whatever you do DON’T STOP! Keep pushing through no matter what you are faced with or are up against. God is with you. He has promised never to leave or forsake us. Call on him always and he will answer! Be open to the seasons he wants you to walk through. Never try to dictate or plan your own path but in all you do submit it to the Lord and he will make your paths straight!

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