You Are Valued

A friend recently shared with me how he was being more intentional with the people currently in his life. How he was thinking about all of the friendships he currently had in order to examine the “value” found in each relationship. What value he brought to each person and vice versa.

You know in that moment of hearing him speak about “value”, I though how I’d never really been that intentional with my friendships or relationships period. I mean yes, I believe God has blessed me with some pretty awesome discernment to where I always know what place an Individual would hold in my life but not to the extreme of the actual value each person held in my life.

Then, while thinking about “value” just the other day,God asked me,
“Do you know your own personal worth and value that you bring to the people around you?”.

(I love how God always asks me questions though he already knows the answer )

The answer was no.

I realized I struggle with seeing the importance of many friendships and relationships to the point where I push away the very people who actually do bring so much value to my life because I didn’t think or believe in my own value that I bring to the lives around me. How could I begin to recognize and be grateful for someone else’s value that they bring to the table when I didn’t even understand or see my own?

If we dig deeper the root of the issue is the fear of rejection.

This often times exist due to bad experiences where someone chose not to see our value but spoke many things over us that weren’t truth! (We were rejected) It’s easier to think of yourself as expendable then to think of yourself as holding value when you’ve been rejected before. Therefore we are fearful to even consider the importance we actually do hold in the lives of the people around us because that would actually mean that we were worth something.  Furthermore meaning that the person who chose not to see our value was wrong and what they spoke was a lie! That would also require us to come out of our shell or comfort zone, walk in confidence knowing we carry something so precious, great and important that no one else carries because there is only one Asyia Bryanna Harrison and likewise there is only one you!

Let me ask you, what value do you bring to the lives of the people around you? Are you confidently walking in this?

Look, no one is perfect so if there is someone in your life holding your imperfections over your head, treating you any less than the valuable goods you are then maybe they shouldn’t have a spot in your life. Recognize your worth and the value you hold. Don’t let anyone damage your goods.
You matter.
You bring something what is it?

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  1. Hi, it is true. Sometimes we carry the negative images that other people project on us. It is harder to embrace my value than it is to cast off the false judgments of others. Let’s let our light shine!

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